Misadventures Update

I want to start this update off by apologizing for my lack of posts recently.  I really thought that when I moved from Arkansas to New Jersey, I would have more material and it would be easy to continue the blog.  Not only has there been less material, but I’ve really struggled to update the blog.  Let me assure you, though, that I don’t want to quit!  In fact, I’m going to work on being more intentional when it comes to the blog.

Things aren’t changing

I don’t have a story to tell today (but I do still have a few left to tell).  I’m also trying to meet new guys, so that I can continue to share what I hope have been humorous stories for you.  I have a couple ideas which have been percolating.  I’m just working up the nerve to follow through.  I will also continue to share the book reviews and things that I have learned through all of my “Misadventures.”  So I hope that you will be patient with me.

Instead, I want to use today’s post to give you an update and share my resolution for this year, as it is New Year’s Day.  I’ve always tried to avoid the word resolution because it’s always had a negative connotation.  It seems like people hardly ever follow through and I don’t want that to happen.  Maybe you can help me to stay accountable.


Anyway, a big part of this is based on the way that I spent New Year’s Eve.  I’ve always wanted to do something special on New Year’s Eve and I have dreamed about a kiss at midnight for longer than I can remember.  It’s just never happened.  This year, I was going to try to make it happen and even put it on my bucket list (see 13 Things by 30).  For that reason, I tried to orchestrate a group to go out together.  I thought that if I could just go out, I would somehow make it work (I’m still not really sure that it would have though).

Plans ended up falling through.  Rather than going out with some girls that I work with, I ended up spending New Year’s Eve alone.  It’s not terrible.  I’ve done it before.  But since I’ve spent pretty much every holiday by myself this year, it made me realize that I don’t want to do this anymore.  I want people that I can spend holidays with.

I know that I can go home to my family, but that’s kind of expensive and involves taking time off work (so I couldn’t go home for every holiday).  Instead, I want to find people that I can spend important events with.  Ultimately, it would be great if that were a guy but bare minimum, I want a core group of friends like I had in Arkansas.


So now the resolution: I want to be intentional about meeting people and developing relationships.  I haven’t completely flushed out what that means yet.  But I’m tired of doing everything alone and I want people to walk through life with.

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