Misadventures in Matchmaking: The Date that Almost Was

About a month after my date with the Coffeeshop Comedian, I received an email from the Matchmaking service.  They informed me that they hadn’t received my feedback from the last date and that they wouldn’t set me up on another until they did.  As I had called them a couple of days after the date with feedback, as well as some changes I wanted to make, I was surprised and a little annoyed.

I called them and they acted like they didn’t believe me which further annoyed me.  They also mentioned that I had yet another Matchmaker that I would be working with.  I gave her my feedback and explained how I wanted to lower the age limit (since I really felt that 13 years was too much).  I also mentioned (again) that I was potentially moving and asked if they could check to see if the service would cover that area.

A few weeks later, I received a call from the Matchmaker at work.  She gave me the details of the guy.  I have to admit that at this point, I wasn’t really that excited about potential guys.  It just seemed that we weren’t on the same page about what would work for me.  This guy was actually younger than the previous guys and he did actually meet my criteria.  I was still apprehensive, though, as I was talking to a guy online (See Misadventures in Online Dating: Mr. England) and I didn’t really want to juggle two guys.  I said yes anyway, because you never know.

Then three days later, I got a call, this time while I was driving home from work.  It turned out that they had left the guy a message and that he hadn’t got back to them.  The service only waits 3 days before they move on to the next, so I didn’t actually have to go out with the guy.  I was relieved and focused my interests back onto the online guy.  Now you can see how that turned out.

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