Misadventures in Matchmaking: Cultural Differences Part 1

After the first date, I was not looking forward to going on another date.  It was going to be a lot more work than I was expecting and it didn’t seem like the return was going to be as high as I was hoping for.  I also happened to be pretty busy.  I had gone out of town a few times and was working on some projects at work, so I wasn’t really focused on finding a guy at that time.  That being said, I was told that I should expect to go on about one date a month and I hadn’t heard from the Matchmaker in over a month, so I called them.  The girl was very sweet and told me that she was just about to call me, because she had a guy that she wanted to ask me about.  I agreed and waited for his confirmation.

Misadventures in Matchmaking: Cultural Differences - not happy with customer service

A week later, I found out that he wasn’t currently available, but she had another guy for me.  I said yes to this guy as well.  Now, I guess that there was a misconnection somewhere.  According to the Matchmaker, she called me again to let me know that that one wasn’t going to work, but I never got the message.  So, a couple of weeks after that, I called again and she told me that she had already communicated to me about the second guy.  I was so done with this and really didn’t want to use this service anymore, but somehow when they called me about Date #2, I found myself saying yes.

Misadventures in Matchmaking: Cultural Differences - really? this is the guy that you think is right for me?

I said yes, even though this guy was nothing like what I had requested.  He was from the Middle East, had only been in the U.S. for 4 years (but according to the Matchmaker didn’t have that much of an accent), not a Christian, a vegetarian, not interested in sports… I’m not sure how they read my profile and his and decided that we matched.  There was nothing that we had in common and we didn’t even make sense on paper, so what was the likelihood that we would make sense when we met?  I had decided though that I needed practice, so I was going to say yes to any guy.  And you never know, right?

Misadventures in Matchmaking: Cultural Differences Part 1 - Trying to schedule a date

He called me a couple days later and just like the first guy, he was pretty awkward.  Also, his accent was so thick and he talked so quietly that I could barely understand him.  He didn’t seem to have an opinion and just kept telling me to just let him know what I wanted to do.  He did make a point to say that he was a Vegetarian but he could find something anywhere that we go.  So I finally decided on dinner at an Italian place that I really like.  I decided that even if the date was awful, I was going to get a great dinner out of it.

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Have you ever dealt with a service that didn’t have very good customer service?  Are you able to get people to do what you want or do you allow them to push you around?

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