Misadventures in Matchmaking: Coffeeshop Comedian Part 2

If you missed part 1, you can read it here.

Coffeeshop 5

I don’t know if this has come across yet or not, but I guess that I should just put it out there.  I’m a rule follower and in high school I definitely got called a goody-goody.  For that reason, when the Matchmaking service gave me the “rules,” I took them literally.  It seems that most of the guys did not.  One thing that the service stressed was to keep conversations prior to the date brief and just as a way to set the date up.  They wanted us to get to know each other in person.  Mr. Coffeeshop must not have agreed with that.

Coffeeshop 6

Prior to the day of the date, the only interaction that we had was the call setting up the date.  But the morning of, he became very chatty via text.  He started telling me his background and that he was published so I could go find him (giving me his full name which would have made it really easy to check him out before hand).  He also asked me if I wanted to go to a movie after coffee and discussing some of the movies which were out.  I really didn’t want to set up something after coffee yet because I wasn’t sure that I would want to spend that much time with him, so I was noncommittal.

Coffeeshop 7

It finally came time for our date so I drove up to the coffee shop that we were meeting at.  He had given me a description of his car and I saw him in his car as I was heading in.  That was the point that I realized that this was the first time the service didn’t tell me the build of my date and I’m pretty sure that I know why.  I don’t want to come across as shallow so I hope you don’t take it that way, but this guy was probably only a little taller than my 5’4 and about three times my size.  

Coffeeshop 8

He walked in and asked me if I was me, then tried to give me a hug!  Why do guys always do that?  I don’t like hugging people in general but definitely not a first date that I’m not interested in.  Anyway, we walked to the counter and I ordered first.  I hesitated a little bit but the guy didn’t even offer to pay, so I paid for myself.  Now, I’m not the type that thinks that a guy should always pay but to not even offer when it’s a cup of coffee?  I don’t get it.

Coffeeshop 9

As we were waiting for our coffee, he made some comment about how when he heard what my job is, all he could think about was all of the jokes about it.  I’m not a lawyer or anything else that is commonly joked about.  At the time I worked for a manufacturer on the Walmart team. So I wasn’t sure what he was talking about and I wasn’t amused.

Coffeeshop 10

We sat down and started talking or he started talking.  He told me about being a music teacher and how he was trying to move to the school district that I lived in.  He told me about his issues with his dad but that he moved closer to home when his dad had a heart-attack to help his mom out.  He again made fun of my job.  Then when he finally stopped talking and I didn’t feel like saying anything, he made fun of me for the awkward pause.  He asked me if I wanted to go to the movie to which I said I didn’t really want to see anything.  Then he made a comment about how he was still going to go because the area that he lives in doesn’t have a movie theater.  And then we left!  I don’t think that we spent more than 45 minutes together and afterward he sent me a text about how great it was to meet me.  I didn’t respond.

Coffeeshop 11

When I called the Matchmaker, I reiterated that I wanted someone younger and had to be honest (since they asked) that I wasn’t attracted to him.  They always ask you one good thing about your date, so all I could think was that he was passionate about what he did.  I might have said that he was nice too, but that was kind of stretching.  All in all, it was a pretty bad date, but I guess that I got what I had asked for.

Have you ever had someone make jokes about you on a date?

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