Misadventures in Dating Apps Part 3

If you haven’t read the previous Misadventures in Dating Apps, you can find them at Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 2 Update

I was so excited that I was going on a second date!  It had been a long time since the last one.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.  The mini-golfer and I texted briefly right after our date.  We then texted a couple days later, but that was it.  I never heard from him again.  Since I wasn’t terribly interested, I decided to let it drop.  But it did mean that I was back to the drawing board.

On to the next guy

There was another guy that I was talking to around the same time, so I decided to focus on him.  He was slightly annoying in that he kept asking me to send him pictures of myself.  We had been talking for about a month, but hadn’t met yet and I was getting a little annoyed.  I decided to take it in my hands and invited him to go with me to hang out with a group of people from work.  He wasn’t interested but got jealous that I was having fun without him.  He even threw a fit about how if I was talking to other guys, we shouldn’t meet.  (Do guys really think that I’m only going to be talking to one guy at a time, especially if I haven’t met them in person?!?)

We were supposed to meet that weekend, but it came and went without an actual plan.  He kept texting me, sulking that every day was a bad day at work and that he wanted a picture of me.  He wouldn’t even talk to me about what was going on or anything real, so what was the point?  He then went on another rant and I thought it was over.  I was pretty much done with this guy, but he just kept writing me and I guess I was being too nice to tell him I was done.  Eventually we came up with a plan to meet, but that day I wasn’t feeling well so I cancelled on him and he told me goodbye.  Really I wasn’t that upset about it.

Sometimes they come back

Four months after that, I got another text from him.  I was pretty suspicious as we didn’t leave it on good terms and so I was a little more restrained in my messages with him.  He immediately wanted to meet up and I thought that this was a much better sign, maybe he had changed.  But I still wasn’t that comfortable with him.

He wanted to pick me up and drive 30 minutes to go to a movie theater near him when there is one 5 minutes from my house.  Then he was upset that I wanted to meet there.  He didn’t ask me what movie I wanted to see but decided that we would go to the one he wanted and the late showing as well.  It didn’t matter that much to me, but I wasn’t excited about this date at all.

I got home from work and I accidentally fell asleep on the couch.  I was so tired that when I woke up a couple hours later, I told him that I didn’t think I could make it.  He was angry and started writing abusive messages.  I know that it seemed like I kept blowing him off and maybe a part of me just wasn’t interested in meeting him as I think I already knew it wouldn’t work. But wouldn’t it be better to meet someone when they are feeling well and weren’t worn out?  Anyway, I decided to block him as I didn’t want to hear from him again and that is hopefully the last of that guy.

Now What?

So now I’m still using dating apps with no hope in sight.  I know that these are supposed to be the best new way to meet people, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.  If you guys have any ideas, I’m completely open, so please share!

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