Misadventures in the Bar Scene Part 2

I wasn’t really expecting a part 2 when it came to the bar scene.  If you read Part 1, you would know that my last experience wasn’t that great and bars weren’t really my thing.  I mean, I would go out with coworkers but I decided that it was just for fun.  Somehow I got sucked into it again but I could never have expected what would happen that night.


It started with a girl that I had met from a Meetup asking me if I wanted to go out with her and another girl.  I said sure so we met up at this new trendy restaurant and got drinks.  It was fun just hanging out and getting to know these two ladies.  It was low key and I was able to just be myself.  There was only one minor freakout when the guy that I had a crush on showed up right before we left, but I tried to get over it.


We decided that we wanted to go out dancing and I guess that there were a couple of guys that the girls wanted to meet up with.  So we got to the other place which was a little sketchy.  We ran into one of the guys immediately and somehow I got left alone with him.  We did the whole awkward conversation about how do you know so and so, what do you do for work, and so on.  He didn’t seem that interested in learning anything about me and was kind of sulking that the girl he was interested had left him alone.  Then he saw someone that he knew and left me!  I was not happy, but soon after the girls returned and we hit the dance floor.


I will say that the best thing about that night was that I had multiple women come up to me and tell me that my dress was amazing and that I looked great.  I mean, I can’t get guys’ attention but other ladies appreciated my style.  This boosted my confidence and I had fun dancing and looking to see if there were any guys that I was interested in.  Then he showed up again!


I didn’t know what to do.  Should I go up to him?  I mean we were friends but I had never seen him in a situation like this.  Maybe this was my chance to see if we could be more than friends.  But what if it backfired?  I wouldn’t want to ruin our friendship and let’s just admit that I’m kind of a coward.  Unfortunately I mentioned it to one of the ladies that I was with and she thought that I should approach him and she kept trying to get me around him so that we could “bump” into him.  He was trying to chat up a different woman though so we aborted and I resumed my search for a different guy.


There was this one guy that I noticed kept looking at me.  I was trying to subtly make eye contact because I didn’t want to embarrass myself too much.  The girls kept moving us to different parts of the bar but it seemed like the guy was following so I was sure that he was interested, but then they decided that they wanted to leave.  I knew that I was never going to make a move so I meekly followed.  But he left right after us!  We were still in the parking lot so I decided to go up to him.  I’m pretty sure that I said something ridiculous about how I would never forgive myself if I didn’t say something to him and he just stared at me.  So I mentioned that I noticed he had been watching us earlier and he made some comment about how he had been watching everybody.  It was so awful, so I just turned around and went back to the girls.  I couldn’t believe it.  I had finally initiated contact with a guy and it was awful.


That probably should have been the end to the night, but I must have been a glutton for punishment.  After we left, I sent a text to the guy about seeing him there.  He asked where I was but I told him that I had already left and that he looked too busy.  Then he made a comment about my dress and that he was never too busy for friends.  I know that that should have made me realize that we would only be friends, but for some reason I was excited about the fact that he noticed my dress.  I guess we’ll never know…

Have you ever approached a guy at a bar?  What happened?

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