Introduction to Misadventures

So, this is my first blog post.  Yay!  I wanted to start off with an introduction rather than just jumping into it, so that you would have some background on what these Misadventures are actually about.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to write a book.  Then when I started telling my friends about the dates I’ve gone on, they joked that it would make a great book.  I was content with the idea for a while, but I never started working on anything.  And really I didn’t feel like I could, because books have endings and unfortunately, there is no end in sight.

Introduction to Misadventures - Brainstorm

Then I had a brainstorm.  What if I wrote my dating misadventures into a blog?  And since I love to read, why don’t I include reviews on all of the dating/relationship books that I’ve read?  And from there, I’ve kind of gone a little bit crazy, because that’s who I am (I’m sure that you will get to see plenty examples of this in the future).  I have a tendency to jump into things, so hopefully you’ll jump in with me.

A little bit about myself.  I’ve always been a little boy crazy. Okay, a lot boy crazy.  Yet somehow I’ve never really had a serious boyfriend.  For a few years, I was fine with that as I was spending time working on myself.  Recently, however, I’ve had this desire to actually get out there and meet new people.

I did a brief stint on online dating, downloaded a couple of apps, joined a few MeetUps.  But ultimately I wasn’t very good at meeting or attracting men.  I somehow landed on a Matchmaking service, so that is going to be the bulk of the misadventures but there are other avenues sprinkled throughout.

Introduction to Misadventures - cringe worthy

I definitely do not have it all together and I’m sure some of the stories are going to be cringe worthy.  Looking back at the beginning, I’m slightly embarrassed by some of the things that I did.  Hopefully we can laugh together and maybe you can learn from my mistakes.

The misadventures will be in chronological order, however they won’t have to be read in order.  Currently, I’m working my way through about the last year to now and I guess that we’ll discover the future together.  I welcome feedback and any tips that you would like to offer, so don’t be a stranger!

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    • I do, my user name is @MisFindingthe1. I’m glad that you enjoy the blog. There will be a new Misadventure every Sunday.

    • Thanks for visiting! It’s nice to know that people can relate. I’m planning on having a contest in a few months for other people to post their Misadventures, so stay tuned…

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