The Guys on Dating Apps

In Misadventures in Dating Apps Part 1, I told you about my first 3 brief encounters with dating apps.  I didn’t stop there, though.  I don’t know if it was the whole can’t look away from a train wreck or if it’s just slightly addicting to swipe at pictures of guys, but I can’t seem to quit these dating apps.  Some of it is entertaining while some of it is depressing or annoying.

The thing that I have discovered is that most of the guys that I’ve encountered can be grouped into specific buckets.  If you’ve been on dating apps, I’m sure none of this is surprising and you have a ton of your own examples.  I thought it would be beneficial to share my experiences, so that you know you aren’t alone.  So, here it goes:


The Guys looking to hook up

I’m pretty sure that whatever avenue you use when it comes to dating, you are going to run into the guys who are just trying to hook up.  They just always as blunt as they are on dating apps.  It’s probably because it’s so convenient and they don’t feel that they need to sugar coat it, so they are just blunt that all they are looking for is to hook up.  At first, I was shocked but some of the comments have been comical and I’d rather know up front, so that I can move on quickly.


The Guys who can’t take a hint

Maybe I’m a terrible person, but if I’m not interested in a guy, I don’t respond.  But I get so many messages from guys that I’m not interested in and I don’t want to waste my time letting them down easy.  We don’t even have a relationship yet, so I don’t feel that I need to.  Anyway, I always find it funny when guys continue to message me even though I haven’t responded.  Do they think that I’m going to change my mind if they persist?  It’s not going to happen, but still they continue.


The Guys who don’t respond

So, I know that I just said that I don’t respond when I’m not interested, but of course it’s different in my case 😉  I don’t message random guys, I only message if there is a match.  Then when a guy doesn’t respond, I just don’t get it!  I mean, why match with a girl that you aren’t going to respond to?  I know that I’m not great at this whole dating thing, but surely my opening lines can’t be that bad…


The Guys who are insulting

Then there are the guys who must think that if they insult you that it will get your attention.  It doesn’t.  Sometimes the insult doesn’t even make any sense.  Either way, it may make me annoyed enough that I want to react to such ridiculous messages, but I’m not going to.  It will just end up making my list of humorous experiences on dating apps and I’ll move on.


The Guys who don’t know how conversations work

I don’t know if it’s the texting generation or if people are thrown by the nature of dating apps, but some people do not understand how to have a conversation on them.  There are the guys who write a novel as the first message, which is definitely overwhelming.  Then there are the people who don’t understand how to keep the conversation going.  Both can be annoying and make me not want to continue the conversation.


The Guys who are creepy

I guess that there is someone out there for everyone, but some guys are just creepy.  I don’t know if they are trying to be quirky or if they are just being honest, but it’s not working.  If I’m afraid that he is a serial killer, there is no way that I’m going on a date with him or giving him any information that he can use to track me down.  And please, don’t start a conversation by talking about fetishes or your criteria in women.


The Guys who are clingy

One step above the creepy guys are the clingy guys.  I don’t need to know his whole life story before I’ve even written one word to him.  In fact, some of the information that men have written to me, shouldn’t even be discussed in the first couple dates.  For some reason, there are certain people who don’t understand the intimacy level that is appropriate for dating apps.  Then they come across as clingy which isn’t something that I want.

Unfortunately living in a new area (and being an introvert), I don’t really get out much.  Dating apps have become the biggest way that I “meet” new guys.  At times it has been a laugh so you don’t cry situation.  I guess that I’m just waiting for “the one” man who doesn’t belong on this list.  Until then, we will have some fun commiserating about the guys that we have met via dating apps.

Have you encountered the types of guys from this list?  Are there other types that you have come across on dating apps?