Misadventures in Dating Apps Part 2

When I moved to New Jersey, I decided to try Dating Apps again.  If you read part 1, you would know that the first three times didn’t work so well for me.  This time, though, I thought it would be better as this was a different area.  Almost immediately, I had three matches who very eager to meet with me.  One of them, I really wasn’t interested in and I thought that the other two had potential, so I told him that I had met someone else and wished him the best.

Dating Apps Success

Then, I finally did it!  I finally met one of the guys from the Dating Apps in person.  I was a little nervous because what did I really know about this guy?  With the matchmaker, they vetted guys out so that I could feel comfortable that they weren’t psycho or something, but I never got to see the person beforehand.  At least this time I knew what the guy looked like (unless he had lied about that).

Dating Apps Meeting

We had decided to meet at a miniature golf course.  I had warned him that I was terrible, but I thought that it would be fun and a good ice breaker.  In order to make it more interesting, I found one that was Monster themed.  As I got there a little early, I waited a few minutes outside for him to arrive.  When he got there, I was happy to find that he looked just like his profile from the Dating App.  He gave me a hug and this time it wasn’t awkward (maybe because I was prepared for it).  Then we walked into the golf course.

The Course

At first look, it was intimidating.  It was all black lights and neon with monsters throughout the course.  We started the course and at first we didn’t really talk that much but then we slowed down and started to chat.  The conversation was still kind of sporadic and I wasn’t sure what to talk about.  But I was actually playing a lot better than normally and it was a lot of fun.  The only awkward things was that he kept putting his arm around me or poking me.  I wasn’t really sure what to do about the contact, especially when he tried to hold my hand despite the fact that I was trying to hold my putter and the golf ball.

The Dinner

The course didn’t take long so we decided we should do something else.  We decided to go to dinner but I felt better by driving separately.  When we sat down, almost immediately he pulled out his phone.  Again the conversation was awkward and he kept looking at his phone.  It kind of annoyed me, but I decided to bring up a few topics that I thought would be interesting to him.  So we ended up talking about sports and movies most of the time.

It wasn’t terrible, but I wanted him to be more involved.  We split the check and then headed outside.  He walked me to my car and gave me another hug and then tried to kiss me.  I have to admit that I kind of freaked out and pulled away from him.  He made some comment about how he at least had to try and then asked me to text him when I got home.

Post Date

After I sent him a text saying I was home, he asked me what I thought of our date.  I had never had a guy ask that, so I was a little taken aback.  What should I say?  I don’t know if it was because of the settling book that I read earlier (see Marry Him: the case for settling) or if there was some other reason.  I told him that I had fun and when he asked if I wanted to do it again, I said yes.  So there it is: I’m going on a second date!

Have you ever agreed to a second date even when the first date wasn’t terrific?

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