Misadventures Finding the One Anniversary Giveaway

Can you believe that it has been a year?  I feel like I’ve just started and looking back, I’m basically in the same place that I was a year ago (I mean, besides living in a new state…).  I’m working on some new things for this year and I’m trying to put myself out there more, so I’m excited to see what happens over the next year.

But to reward those of you who have stuck with me, I want to give you some Misadventures “swag.”  All you have to do is comment on this post with which of my Misadventures was your favorite.  That’s it!  Then you are entered to win one of these prizes:


The contest ends on Friday, March 31st at Midnight EST, so don’t wait!

To start at the beginning, go to: Misadventures in Blind Dating.


Giveaway Description and period:

The Misadventures Finding the One Anniversary Giveaway (the “Anniversary Giveaway”) will begin with this announcement and will end Midnight EST on Friday, March 31st.  The prizes for this Anniversary Giveaway are: one (1) tote bag, one (1) coffee mug, and one (1) journal.  The winners will be randomly selected and will be announced in a separate blog post.

How to enter:

You can enter the Anniversary Giveaway by commenting on this post with which Misadventure was your favorite.

By participating, entrants agree that they have read, accept, and agree to be bound by these rules (the “Official Rules”).

Use of your submission and personal information:

By submitting an entry:

You grant Misadventures Finding the One the non-exclusive license and right to use, copy, distribute, perform, display, create derivative works of, edit, alter, adapt, exhibit, post, reproduce and adapt the content and to include the content in promotional, publicity, social media and any other materials related to the contest in perpetuity and throughout the universe in all media and using any technologies now known or later invented. In no event shall this grant of rights be deemed to transfer ownership of the content to Misadventures Finding the One. The content may be used alone or combined with other materials at Misadventures Finding the One’s sole discretion.

Your entry shall not:

  • Contain trademarks or copyrighted material not owned by entrant or used without permission (including, but not limited to, company names and other brand names)
  • Use individuals’ names, in whole or in part without permission
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  • Promote a political agenda regardless of the political affiliation
  • Contain materials embodying the names or other identifying elements of any person, living or dead, without permission

Misadventures Finding the One retains the right to review all entries received and to only post those entries on the Website that conform to these Official Rules as determined by Misadventures Finding the One. Entries that do not so comply will be disqualified from the Contest and may not appear on the Website. All decisions of Misadventures Finding the One are final and binding.

Winner Selection:

The winners will be selected at random from the pool of applicants.  Odds vary on number of entrants.


The prizes will be: one (1) tote bag, one (1) coffee mug, and one (1) journal.

Winner Notification and Prize Fulfillment:

The winners will be announced via blog post as well as receive an email requesting shipping information.

2 comments on “Misadventures Finding the One Anniversary Giveaway

  1. Love the Blog – post more!!!

    My favorite misadventure is definitely the guy that showed up in a sweatshirt and took you to a chain Mexican restaurant…at one point I thought he was going to take you to the McDonald’s though, which would have made the date hard to top!

    • Trust me, I’m trying 😉

      I thought he was going to as well and I probably would have just kept driving…

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